High Vibing, Solution Oriented, & Massage Focused Facials in Bozeman, MT



All treatments are individualized to enhance your current phase in life. During your session, Meg will carefully pair whole-plant ingredient formulations with one or more meticulously chosen tissue transformation techniques such as connective tissue release, Gua Sha, lymphatic movement, acupressure, sculpt and lift massage, facial cupping and more.


Selecting a Treatment

At the time of service, we will work together to nurture your current life's phase by evaluating your mind, body, and unique skin condition. Instead of choosing a specific service from a menu, please select a session length and trust that your treatment will be tailored to your needs in supporting long term skin wellness.  


45 minutes

A unique facial composed of high-vibing naturals and tissue transforming facial massage. This time and budget friendly session is recommended between monthly facials or whenever you need a quick escape from modern life.




75 minutes

This essential session elevates your monthly facial by tapping into and releasing compiled emotion and experience from your skin, body and mind. Intuitively combined advanced facial massage, modern Gua Sha and high-vibing naturals work together to achieve sustainable, long-term skin wellness.





95 minutes

Submerse your whole self in this full body treatment. From your scalp to your toes, you will experience the undeniable link of beauty and wellness. This treatment is designed to replenish and regenerate the skin and nervous system on a deep & innermost level.




Meghan Vaughn, 

Licensed Holistic Esthetician

Over the course of my career I have been enchanted by the undeniable connection between beauty and wellness ~ When the body is well and functioning optimally on the inside, the skin reflects with radiance on the surface. 


In the early stages of my work, I followed a more conventional path of skincare. Endlessly seeking and applying lotions, potions, and serums to achieve a seemingly ‘healthy appearance’. Don’t get it wrong, I LOVE great skincare- particularly products formulated with pure & sustainable ingredients from the Earth. Even so, I had begun to feel as though in order to provide my clients with their desired results, I would have to use modalities or ingredients that were outside my realm of personal and professional values. 


Soon, I became exposed to Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicines, from there I delved into an ancient world of knowledge and understanding of the human body & spirit. My trainings have enlightened my practice into an intuitive, massage-focused facial and body treatment that encourages response from our own bodily resources to naturally detoxify the skin, lift and tone tissue, & unblock lymphatic and energetic stagnation. 

Our skin is a living thing. This miraculous organ needs to be nourished from the inside-out with mindful daily practices and tailored facial treatments with a professional. The good news is Faze Skincare Studio is here to help you along the way. As your personal source of skin wisdom, channeled directly to you, we will work together as you shine your way through modern life.

Have questions? Email me at fazeskincarestudio@gmail.com



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